Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Vacuum cleaner world tour.

Some of you are probably following the adventures of the two Norwegians on their way around the world on old motorcycles.
The Norwegian way of exploring are usually something to do with ice, polar bears, mountaineering, skies and boats. Nimbus motorcycles with sidecars was not used by Amundsen and Nansen.

But why do people these things? Can it be in their genes? From their childhood?.....Well I have a photo of Tormod (and family) that can proove the childhood theory...

This is Tormod with his brother fast asleep in the sidecar of his father`s 1925 Harley Davidson. The fumes and noises must have triggered something in his brain.....

Some years later......stuck with sidecars.

Why don`t you check out their web page. Order a T shirt and be a part of this exiting project.

If you don`t get the vacuum cleaner thing: Nimbus motorcycles was produced by Fisker & Nielsen in Copenhagen, Denmark. They also produced Nilfisk vacuum cleaners. You can still get Nilfisk but Nimbus motorcycles went out in 1960. So in Scandinavia the Nimbus bikes have always been called vacuum cleaners.....or flat iron racers....(The frames are made of flat iron and are quite flexi)

I have pimped my wives vacuum cleaner with a "The dumb way round" sticker. When I had to get her a new one, it had to be a Nilfisk. I had wanted a BSA, but to my knowlege BSA did not produce vacuum cleaners...But some think their bikes suck...

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