Friday, 7 January 2011

It`s not the destination, it`s the journey….Skåne rundt rally necessity.

In this age of fluorescent wests and full face helmets, the vintage motorcycle rally contender will find even more challenges.
Long gone are the time when oil pressure and hang overs where your only worry at rally’s…..At some vintage events you have to make an effort to find your way thru the course…So this create a lot of strange map holder/route planner devises.

Some inspiration for the handy, do-it-yourself motorcyclist:

Wonder what’s the rider’s favorite drink?



“I knew that the Meccano set would become handy one day…..”

Binocular vision?

Probably made from mahogany leftovers from last year’s boat restoration.

And remember…….your craft will be judged by your equals….

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American motorcycles said...

Dette var en gøyal post Stig. Godt nyttår forresten om jeg har glemt å si det før.