Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Howe long can a bike last? If you keep it safe in your living room, or resting at a museum….. A few hundred years?
But if you have some fun with it? Well I expect this BSA to last my life time…..It have been in the family for many years.
It`s a 1954 BSA Gold Star “small fin” scrambler. When we first got it was black and gold.  The Goldie came from England to Norway via Sweden. It was a “got to have it” at first sight.

At this picture from the 80`s, the BSA is loaded with touring equipment and ready for a rally in Denmark. The elegant prop stand is not standard BSA……Hard to bring it along on the trip…

Equipped with Rickman mudguard, tank and seat. Norton fork legs. The gearbox “SC” scrambler cluster, modified with a plunger main shaft to accept a Norton clutch. Lots of small scrambler mods and battle scars.  
 Old and hard knobby tires make touring exiting when raining.

Twenty-five years later the BSA is still used.  Now servicing as a flat tracker and enduro bike. The Rickman parts have been replaced with Gold Star items. And as you probably notice…….the Goldie engine are gone. It is now powered by a Triumph Tiger100/5T mix. An engine from an old grass tracker.

The frame geometry has been modified at the stearing head. A sensible modification for scrambling, but make the bike wobbling and worming at high speeds. Ads some spice to the racing....

The engine has more power than I can handle……

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