Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Harley parts from Poland.

My visit to Gunnar was not to inspect the weathervane or Velocette. He had been to Poland to get some HD 750 parts.
 So I wondered if he had spent his money wisely……or been clubbing in Warszawa?

First rule of garage visiting…..Make sure that your wife (or similar) are driving….

Double action front brake…..Will he need all that stopping power …..24 wild horse powers…
Where is the long stroke kit and big bore carb?


All of the repro parts are very well-made and look and feel good…So we just have to wait until the owner get them in use….It can take a while….

You can say whatever you want about Gunnar….But he sure got his shopping priority right!

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American motorcycles said...

OBS be aware of this:

Hvis det kan være en trøst har også jeg investert i feil bremse til bobberen :-(