Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Times goes…Two years ago Gunnar turned fifty. That is something that can`t be ignored by his friends.
He had a big party which included live band and a “build a car and race it competition”. Some of us had wounds for weeks after that session, but that’s another story…
Special friends need special gifts….so we custom ordered a velocette fishtail silencer weathervane.

The gift had three purposes:
1.       Every time Gunnar sees the weathervane it will remain him that the Velo is still not ready….

2.       The neighbors will believe that her lives an angler with bade sense for form and shape.
3.       If another Velocette rider finds himself in the sleepy town of Horten he will find friends..

Why am I writing about this two years after he got it? It took him two years to get the weathervane up…..and it is not straight…Also looks like he will be needing a Billy goat to keep the grass on the roof short.

  A good thing is that the Velo are getting worked on. He got the point.

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