Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mr Joseph Lucas strikes again.

We were early up this morning.  Bikes loaded on the trailer the night before.  Sweden and “Rally på Dal” where the destination of or journey.
This was the first time I was going to ride the Sunbeam more than a few miles.

This nice 1929 Ariel A, 557ccm, was ridden by its second owner.

Never underestimate the importance of food……

An unplanned stop. No spark at the plug. It`s time to get dirty and sweaty…..Checking pick up and earth brush, but I can`t find anything wrong. After a while the magneto are working again. I am getting a bad feeling about this magneto………

Stop number two, my suspicions are right. The condenser has decided to call it a day. Yes, the fool on the hill was me, waiting for transport. A Ariel Square four are thundering past.

The magneto are going of tomorrow and it`s anchors away…..

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