Sunday, 6 May 2012

Snowy swap meet.

I had planned to sell a lot of parts and junk at the Ekeberg auto jumble. We went in on Friday evening to unload all the treasures and be ready for Saturday mornings happy byers and hoarders.
Can you imagine the surprise when we woke up to freezing slushy snow weather after sleeping rough? Auto jumbling is not an easy way to make money. I just managed to motivate myself to take a few photos.

No, this is not the crew from The Deadliest Catch show. It`s my friendly Nabors.

Rain gear are for kids and females……..Denim and a wool cap solve most weather problems.

An AJW with JAP engine and Sturmey-Archer gearbox brought in from a hard life.  Probably too late to rescue. I had no problem to restrain myself from buying it……….

The weather improved and this happy cat had made a lot of money to support his lifestyle.

Miss and Mister American Motorcycles Norway are admiring a friend’s bargain. But where is The Star-Spangled Banner? Are they changing to Union Jack and starting with right shifting bikes and joining the Limey boys?

Some cool Beezers at the BSAOC stand:

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