Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Anniversary Exhibition in Stavern.

The local vintage car club celebrated their 25 years anniversary with a public exhibition showing a big display of cars, motorcycles and memorabilia. My brother and I displayed a few bikes.
We had known about it for a year, but still most of the preparations where left to the last days.
Most of the photos are from the exhibition hall we were located. I had forgotten to charge the camera so it died before I had the chance to photograph the other stuff. But I remembered to bring coffee and food….

Dag`s 1939 Norton ES2.

And no, my BSA racer is NOT a Café racer (several spectators had obviously been watching Café racers on Discovery Channel)……It`s a racer.

Johnny felt at home in the old army garages. It`s now the home of the police education center…..A safe place to leave your motorcycles…

This is the stuff you want if you are washing your DKW kraftwagen……

There is nothing that draws a crowd (of old men) more than the starting of old Harley Davidsons….

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