Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Skåne rundt 2012 #2

Keep Calm, the Royal Air Force is ready........

AJS R7 1933

Dunelt 500cc, 1929.

Smygehuk, Sweden’s most southern point. A good place for lunch.

The boys are discussing the different types of Ariel rear stands…….A big thing in the Ariel Red Hunter community….I think…

Bikes are beginning to fill up at Saturday’s destination, Åhus strand. There might be time for a beer before dinner?

A mighty Indian 4, 401, 1300cc. 1928.

Rust protected 1926 Norton Big Four, 633cc, 1926

Juris Ramba from Latvia. Rex, 7HP Deluxe, 770cc, 1913.


Anonymous said...

great photos of some great bikes! Say hello to Juris for me.

Anonymous said...

Hans Thorvald looks like a swedish Falukorv in the rather tight red rain coat...! //Johan U

twist grip said...


Thank you for this wonderful report.
I didn't think there was much pre-war British motorcycles in the Nordic countries!