Thursday, 29 August 2013

Motorcyclists are welcomed here.

It`s nice when friends arrive on motorcycles. Going to or from a rally, some need a pit stop, some need a bed and some just stop for a coffee.

Just off the boat from Sweden, a day late. Why did you bring the rain with you?
Johan where traveling all the way from Skåne (the south of Sweden), going to the Indian summer meet.
He had planned to arrive in the evening, so we would have time for a beer and a talk….But the 1940 Harley Davidson UH 80” had other planes….One of the cam followers decided to give up. Luckily Sweden has a lot of old Harleys all over the place. He was helped with spares and tools.

Just checking the job from last night and tightening some bolts.

The evil cam follower.

When you are going to an Indian rally on a Harley Davidson you need to bring gifts (Page 431 in the HD rider’s manual. «What would Columbus do?”)

All original Indian riders goggles. A super cool Indian meeting accessory.

A few days later Børre and Kjetil stopped on their way back from the Lucas rally.

A 1967 Matchless Competition is one of the best and comfortable touring bikes made.  Barely passed by the Honda Gold Wing.

The Matchless have lost the silencer….and later the pipe went off too.

Kjetil needed valve caps and a dynamo gasket for the 1952 Thunderbird.


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