Monday, 2 September 2013

Skåne rundt 2013

For the fifth year in a row we were south bound for one of the year’s highlights, Skåne rundt.

The start at the impressive Örenäs slott.

If you try, you can imagine yourself seventy years back in time.

Husqvarna 1934, “130”, 1000cc

A nice pair of BSA M20`s.
This year it seems like I have only photographed V Twin Husqvarna`s…….Must be caused by the Swedish diet…..
Husqvarna 1934, "120", 1000cc

Husqvarna 1925, "600", 1000cc

Husqvarna 1934, “130”, 1000cc

Just to please Sverre with the "American motorcycles Norway" blog…….An Indian….


American motorcycles said...

Patina sompå Indianeren er bare suverent.

Lasse said...

Thanks for your fantastic picures! Love them, especially the last one, hope that bike never will be "restored".