Monday, 26 March 2012

Brookelands cans and eye candy.

Some more photos from Brookelands……I hope you get the Brookelands spirit

1927 Brough Superior 100cc.
“World`s fastest” attempt by Freddie Dixon in 1927. Only one run 130mph.
Bert LeVack broke the record in 1929 two runs .129.05 mph

Well, well, well…..What have we here…A Triumph 8” front brake….

1927 Norton with Sidecar.

Brooklands Museum celebrates 75 years to the day when Walter Handley lapped the famous circuit at over 100mph on a BSA 'Empire Star', which was promptly renamed 'Gold Star'……And as we say: The rest is history…..
The event will be celebrated at Brooklands Museum on 30th June - 75 years to the day.
Now you can get a Gold Star in a bottle.

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twist grip said...

Stig, thank you for this guided tour, I hope one day to go.
I recognized a few machines that I saw run Montlhéry.