Friday, 9 March 2012

A self-propelled man.

Now it’s time for some interior blogging….A man’s home is his castle and in some strange cases it is his hangar.
You cannot visit a man without viewing his propeller, so when helping Gunnar with the Velocette we also took a look inside his house

And what a beauty!  From a Mercedes powered Hansa Brandenburger.

A short background story:

Gunnar’s hometown Horten where once the hometown of Norway’s major naval base. And when airplanes found their way into the Norwegian army, the navy found use for them first.  In the twenties the government bought licensing rights to build the German designed Hansa Brandenburger in Norway. Thirty planes where used by the Naval Air force from 1922 to 1935. Most of them where build in Horten. The plane type was also used by the famous Roald Amundsen on his last and fatal journey.

This propeller is a big piece of local history.

A Hansa Brandenburger has done a rough landing.

We are given ten arguments for why a man shall own at least two wooden propellers.

Guns, swords and boxing all over the house…..are we dealing with a violent man?

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Anonymous said...

Lovely propellar - there will most certainly be a mounting possibility on the Velo Gunnar! //Johan U Swe