Sunday, 4 March 2012

The first Velocette ride.

It is a big day today, after working on this Velocette  Thruxton for fifteen years Gunnar was ready to start and hopefully test the bike. My brother Dag and I were invited to help and share the important moment.

Here it is, on the custom made Velo stand.

Add some petrol, don`t sniff it.

It is always nice to watch other people doing all the work.

The important last minute adjustment.

The Thruxton is a tricky machine to start, so long time Thruxton owner Dag got the honor.

It started, the oil was circulating and it sounded great. It is time to get it out.

It`s thumbs up, so give it to the owner.

“And first gear is up?”

You can easily break the speed limit in first gear…….and nobody noticed the lack of registration and helmet….

 An ear to ear grin……

It`s party time!

A very happy man!

And the number on the nicely restored speedometer………A coincident? I don`t think so….


Helge B said...

Awesome !

Anonymous said...

In deed a very handsome man the guy with the beard. Do you have his phone number!?..
Sweet regards
Sandra Bullock

Pete Stansfield said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on restoring a very beautiful machine.

By the way, love the blog. Very interesting posts.