Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bitts and pices...

When you restore and build up old motorcycles, looking for spares can often take more time than the actual wrenching. But it's part ofthe fun, you meet nice people. Get to see the world......eh...well, some of it. I have seen my share of sheds, workshops and cellars.

A few weeks ago I had to go to Germany for some work training. But I managed to mix in some pleasure in the work...(No, I was not thinking of bars and girls).

Out in the countryside of Germany, not far from Hameln (where they play flute for rats), there is a company dealing with old bikes.....No, it's not German bikes, English and some American iron rules the premicises.
A round house with a Dunlop sign.......must be the tire storage.Fun to see so mutch English bitts so far from the white cliffs of Dover.What are they discussing? "So you cook the goose for 2 hours an then add the carrots....I see"Peter Long the owner, are a specialist in older bikes, pre war stuff. Have a look at their homepage: http://www.cornucopia-enterprises.de/indey.html

Tryed this nice hog in Bremen. A pig in traffic...

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