Thursday, 5 November 2009

Racing challenge!

I just got a mail with photos from my "friend" Gunnar. After the race at Kala banen he has been dreaming of Harley Davidson`s.
So off he went and got one.....That`s cool, but now he thinks he can win a race with me! this is what he writes:
"Do you envy me now? With your English good for nothing bike....I am going to show you my rear light and spray your face with dirt from my American made knobby tires...I just got the bike to take off that smug smile you have had since you won that race at Kala. I will make sure that you never win again...I will personally beat your sweaty mongrel of a bike with both hands in my pockets sipping Jim Beam"

Well, that`s what I call a challenge. First would you bring a knife to a gun fight? A John Deere to a formula one race? I think not. Well it also means that Gunnar have to lose a lot of weight. No beer and burgers this winter. Where will he find money for WR trick parts? In the cookie jar? We will see next spring.

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