Thursday, 5 November 2009

A tale of an Ok Supreme.

One of the first motorcycles I can remember is an Ok Supreme. This is late `60s early `70s. Nearly every afternoon I or my brother had to go to a kiosk to buy father the evening newspaper. The kiosk was located in a road junction besides two petrol stations, bakery and some shops. For a young kid there was a lot of thing to look at, especially at the petrol stations.
Sometimes there was an old odd looking motorcycle filling petrol at the BP station. It was ridden by a small, old man with a strange coat. We later learned that the man was a Danish painter, who lived just a mile away. The bike was an OK Supreme 500cc.
Some years later the motorcycle interest took off. We were hunting high and low for old bikes. There was not a lot of interest for old worn out motorcycles, sometimes they could be picked up for free.
After awhile we heard of an Ok Supreme and off we went to have a look. The bike we saw was the one we remembered from years ago. The Dane had passed away in 1975 and in his will he had left the bike to the local motor club. The bike was not for sale, but it was started up for us so we could hear the sound of music. This was probably in 1980/81.
Around `95 the motor club needed money so they put the Ok up for sale. They wanted the bike to remain in town. At the time we could not afford the bike so it slipped away.
Some years later I saw the bike again, it was displayed at a local motorcycle show. It was still in untouched condition. I talked to the owner but he had not decided what to do with the bike.
This autumn my brother bumped into him at the hard ware store. He asked about the bike and the possibility to have a look. That was not a problem, so off we went.
He had never had the time to do something with the bike, so he decided to sell, the price was right, so surprise surprise, and the Ok supreme lives now in my shed.
We are not going to restore it, just do the things that have to be done to get it on the road again. I think the Dane would have liked that.

The power plant: A JAP 500cc engine

1933 Ok Surpreme Phantom

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