Monday, 30 November 2009

Triumph Grand Prix

Some years ago I started collecting parts for a pre `47 classic racer. I had a Triumph rigid frame and a tuned 5T engine.
At the time I was working in a motorcycle shop who was dealing with British bikes. One day I was talking about my plans to a customer, after a while he asked me if I would prefer to build a Grand Prix instead. .....of course I would rather have a Grand Prix....and a new car and a big house. But he was not pulling my leg; he had a lot of genuine GP parts he wanted to sell. Some days later the parts was mine.
Well it`s a long time ago, and now finally I have started to put the bike together. Just to make things a little more complicated my brother and I are assembling four rigid Triumphs at the moment. The first one we bought in 1978!Factory advert from 1946.Here is Ernie Lyons on the first Triumph GP winning the 1946 Senior Grand Prix in the Isle of Man.
The powerplant: 40bhp @ 7,200rpm, top speed: 120mph
Ca 200 exampels of the GP model where produced

This Triumph model is not a GP, just a model. Can be quite confusing, but a Triumph model can cost You more than a GP model.
I will post some photos of the progress later.


harper6t said...

Updates please, I am also building a Triumph GP replica, started with a Head and Barrel in 1990 and have been collecting parts since, mine is currently close to complete with a couple of things to be changed as time permits, trying to get good original photos of the drive side to make the chain guard - currently using a normal chaincase as I was thinking of using on the road.

harper6t said...

Updates please.
I am also building a GP replica started in 1990 with a head and barrel, since then have got most of the parts to make a pretty original bike but on a budget. Mine is close to complete with just a few things to change, looking to make a chain guard to replase the standard triumph chaincases on it now and want to get a better rear guard if I can get the correct curve.
I'd like to see your progress on your GP.

Beveldrive said...

I have done some work on the GP. I have planned to post some…but I am after schedule. I will do the engine soon. I can mail you a some photos of the primary chain guard. I have a replica like the one they used in Europe. I think they used a std primary case in the states
Ace classic in London sell good replica front and rear guards. The guard fixings are also well made.
I am missing the petrol tank. I will also have to find a new 20” front rim and spokes. I had the rim and spokes, but they were needed for a friends GP. He was racing a genuine GP some years ago. That bike was bought by the National Motorcycle museum in Birmingham U.K. If you want some photos mail me :